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At Crimmins Finance we pride ourselves on finding the best available product for our clients.

With interest rates at an all time low it is a great time to be getting a better deal on your loan(s).


Refinancing a better deal can sometimes save thousands per year.

Example - 30 year loan - Principal & Interest repayments


$450,000 Loan @ 4.44% p.a has monthly repayments of approximately     $2265


$450,000 Loan @ 5.44% p.a has monthly repayments of approximately    $2539



Ends up being over $4,500 per year savings on the above example - better in your pocket than the lenders


All Crimmins Finance reports factor in bank fees & costs  


Refinancing can also release equity that can be used for a number of reasons including home renovations, debt consolidation and purchasing another property.


With access to 35+ lenders and state of the art software, Crimmins Finance prides itself on finding the most appropriate financial package for its clients.


Banks continue making huge profits from customers that don’t shop around..


“Very happy we used Crimmins Finance, Sam not only got us a better interest rate, we also got some extra funds to do some immediate renovations ”


- Wayne & Bree 


Thanks, I'll be in touch soon.

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